Hair transplant scar Removal and camouflage.

Hair Transplant Scar Removal and camouflage with Advanced Scalp Micro Pigmentation & advanced Micro Needling $900 for 1 scar $300 for each additional scar.

We know the frustration that our clients experience with finding the right solution for their hair loss. We know because we’ve tried them all. Evaluating other “solutions” such as hair pieces, surgery, plugs and sprays are all part of your decision-making process. We have insights into these and are here to help you with your decision. Our aim is to provide our clients a future in which they never must think about their hair loss again.

Our goal is for you to have the best possible experience and results based on our experience and knowledge

the concept of any of our procedure here at Machisimo is to thrive thru excellence and to give out the best to our clients based on knowledge experience and the willing and need to improve on a daily basis.

Mike Hen A.K.A Machisimo Mike the founder of the Machisimo S.M.P procedure has over 18 years of experience and did his 1st hair follicle replicating procedure back in 2003, Since then he performed hundreds of hair follicles replication procedures to close friend which helped him to closely watch the healing and the results for many years to come after, At every step he wanted to make it more and more real looking to better serve his close friend and family that he performed the procedure on and after over 14 years of experimenting and seeing the results and learning about pigments and color corrections, needles depth & diameter ,skin healing and rejuvenation he put together a method that can be claimed as the best way to do S.M.P to make sure it will hold and look right for many years to come.

Here are some of the things that he wants everyone to know before doing the Scalp micropigmentation procedure with him or any other provider:

1. The most important thing is to make sure it is not done in one session, the skin on the scalp will never be ready to absorb pigment and hold it within the 1st time its go’s in and the skin is not paper if the pigments are not kept in a certain distance they will migrate and make it look like a blurb losing all real effect, Here are some more reasons why it cannot be done in the first session

For these reasons:

A. shaving your head often, damages the skin on your scalp.

B. sun exposure

C. thickness and wellness of the skin on your scalp will never be ready on 1st visit!

d. It is not the thickness of the needle it is the hand & proper training of the technician that determined the quality of the work.

e. Not every skin heals the same or hold pigments the same. pigments must be corrected to the individual skin tone of the person.

f. The immune system will attack the pigment on the scalp as too much of it will be considered as a foreign threatening form and it will not stop until it removed completely, That is why it must be done in sessions and each time you put a little more, in the first session we do what we call pigment introduction to the scalp, so the body’s Immune system gets comfortable with the new “foreign” object on the scalp.

All this element will take part in the FINAL result.

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