Nutrients Delivery Therapy

Nutrients delivery therapy treatment to stop hair loss & rejuvenate growth cycles.

Nutrients delivery therapy treatment to stop hair loss & rejuvenate growth cycles is $499 per treatment,

  • Package of 4 treatments –20% discount,
  • Package of 6 –25% discount. 

We know the frustration that our clients experience with finding the right solution for their hair loss.

We know because we’ve tried them all. Evaluating other “solutions” such as hair pieces, surgery, plugs and sprays are all part of your decision-making process. We have insights into these and are here to help you with your decision.

Our aim is to provide our clients a future in which they never must think about their hair loss again. 

Our goal is for you to have the best possible experience and results based on our experience and knowledge 

the concept of any of our procedure here at Machisimo is to thrive thru excellence and to give out the best to our clients based on knowledge experience and the willing and need to improve on a daily basis. 

We a use the advanced micro needling device on the scalp to deliver nutrients directly into the hair root bypassing the body's physical limitation of feeding the root by its own, The nutrients are an extraction super herbs and vitamins and active protein complex to feed the root and trigger it to grow, The existing hair immediately gets thicker and healthier on top of it we also give you a GI support kit to clean out metals and toxins, probiotics to balance the hormones and to extract nutrients better, Inflavonoid Intensive Care to prevent the damage that stress does to the cell when it's being produced and extra collagen + Hair Spray to keep feeding the root with growth factors for the hair to apply daily