Trans Dermal Infusion Device treatment.

This super beauty and youthful therapy treatment is a combination of an advanced Micro Needling device that has the ability to deliver serum's or P.R.P into the skin with the full control on the amounts that is been delivered and the depth to the precision of a millimeter, Giving full control on the treatment making the results 3-5 times better than micro needling, We utilize it to treat the skin on the face neck chest and hands (or any body part you desire) to get your skin to look healthy and youthful by delivering The

  • Collagenics serum or the P.R.P in to the skin with full control on amounts and depth to get it looking amazing within the first treatment, The 

Collagenics is the most potent formula for skin care today! 

The trans dermal infusion device works in harmony with the skin and uses it natural abelites to rejuvenate, The skin must contract for 2 main reasons;

  1. 1. The v shape punctures from the micro needles make the skin respond as it knows how, To heal and contract, Making the skin tighter.
  2. 2. The micro needles break down the basal layer in the skin which is the layer that with time stops to rejuvenate but keeps producing cells which end up in what we know as the sagging skin, By breaking it down it releases many growth factors and starts a rejuvenation cycle that lasts few months each treatment accelerate this process and the natural body’s ability to produce collagen and fibroblasts giving the skin youthful appearance.

The needling procedure forces the skin to tighten making it a double contracting effect that only micro needling can create in the skin. 


Trans-Dermal Infusion Device treatment with the *Collagenics serums $499 for the Face,